White Lemur


A team of young enthusiasts from the White Lemur company launched the Soma Eco project with the aim of removing styrofoam from single use, as it greatly contributes to the presence of microplastics in the liver, lungs, spleen, and kidneys, causing health problems. The additional presence of microplastics in animal organisms indicated reproductive, developmental, and systemic toxicity. Soma Eco was awarded by the Fund for Innovation Activities of the RS, which begins the development of this social enterprise, which bases its social impact on multiple levels of action in the ecological sphere – the use of agricultural and/or industrial waste and special mushroom culture in order to produce biodegradable material – biosporin, which is a substitute for Styrofoam (Polystyrene).


Soma Eco produces products and provides services: 1. Services of designing, prototyping, and production of packaging according to the client’s request; 2. Creation and sale of raw material – biosporin – for industrial use.


The social impact of Soma Eco is fully realized in the field of ecology and environmental protection, through waste management in the manner of „reuse“ in the creation of biosporin, which then replaces Styrofoam, displacing microplastics from industrial use. In this way, Soma Eco actively realizes responsible production, has a good impact on health and the environment, and innovates production processes, which encourage the acceptance of circular and green economy practices.
U skladu sa kojim ciljevima održivog razvoja poslujemo: 3. Good Health and Well-Being; 9. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure; 12. Responsible Consumption and Production; 13. Climate Action