Uradi – zaradi


Uradi-zaradi is a social enterprise in the form of an internet platform that connects people who need help at home with completely reliable people who are ready to work and earn money. The services that are most represented on the platform are services for helping with regular household maintenance – cleaning, ironing, and getting groceries for the fridge. They achieve social influence by connecting pregnant women, busy mothers, and men who do not have time for everyday tasks due to the dynamics of their work, with housewives, unemployed, and students who, in addition to having free time, need opportunities to earn money. Most often, service providers are persons from the economically disadvantaged category, which improves their position.


Uradi-zaradi is the only internet platform in Serbia that connects users who need simple cleaning and household maintenance services with providers of these services who, through reliable selection processes, are hired to provide services with fair compensation for work.


The social impact of the Uradi-zaradi platform is reflected in the activation of the inactive population – housewives, students, and others, who belong to the economically vulnerable category and to whom the platform offers an opportunity for activation and fair earnings. The basis of the social influence of this Internet social enterprise is reflected in the work integration of sensitive categories of the population, with the use of innovative and digital space and tools.
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