Somborske snajderke


During the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, sensitive and marginalized groups were the most affected, including women who are victims of domestic and intimate partner violence. In this atmosphere, the users of the Safe House in Sombor, in addition to taking care of themselves and their children, decided to contribute to the community by making protective masks at a time when they were in short supply in the community. Seeing how togetherness and solidarity result in community support, the initiative to establish the social enterprise „Somborske snajderke“ was born. With the help of their own efforts and the support of actors in the community (secondary textile schools, for example), the women of „Somborske snajderke“ were equipped with equipment, with the help of which the range of offers was expanded and a greater number of women were employed.


Social enterprise „Somborske snajderke“ produce 1. Protective masks against the coronavirus and polluted air (with the possibility of branding); 2. Canvas bags; 3. Bedding.


The social influence of the social enterprise „Somborske snajderke“ is reflected in the economic and work integration of women and children who are victims of domestic and intimate partner violence. Additionally, with networking, cooperation, and direct support, the „Somborske snajderke“ help the sustainability of the Sombor Safe House and other local actors involved in the fight against violence against women.
U skladu sa kojim ciljevima održivog razvoja poslujemo: 5. Gender Equality; 8. Decent Work and Economic Growth; 10. Reduced Inequalities