Somborska Dobra Basta


Somborska Dobra Basta is a social enterprise founded in 2015 in the form of an association with the primary activity of greenhouse production of organic cherry tomatoes of high quality that are planted and grown according to special principles in order to avoid the use of artificial means. The foundation of this social enterprise was supported by Fund B92, the women’s association „Udahni život“ from Stanisic, and the citizens’ association „Somborska initiative“ from Sombor. The business model implies that, with the help of the profit generated through the sale of products, it is reinvested in the education of women through various types of training, training, and workshops. In addition to production activities, the main goals and mission of „Somborska Dobra Basta“ are the promotion and improvement of social entrepreneurship in the territory of the Western Backa region, as well as the prevention and fight against violence against women through the process of education, which is crucial for the economic independence of women.


Somborska Dobra Basta produces organic cherry tomatoes.


The social impact of the social enterprise Somborska Dobra Basta is reflected in the fight for gender equality and the fight against violence against women, through the development and implementation of programs to support women from the Sombor region – prevention, psycho-social support, education, and training. These programs are financed by the sale of products on the market.
U skladu sa kojim ciljevima održivog razvoja poslujemo: 5. Gender Equality; 10. Reduced Inequalities; 12. Responsible Consumption and Production