Nasa Kuca


The development of the social enterprise „Nasa kuca“ began in 2007 at the initiative of parents of children with developmental disabilities, with the aim of improving the position of this group of children and ensuring a safer and better future. Our company operates in the fields of paper and haberdashery, recycled packaging, growing vegetables, herbs, and salads on water and indoors, providing food services for the elderly and people with reduced mobility, and catering. Our house realizes the social mission of employing young people with various disabilities, but also through the establishment of a Fund for independent living of this group of young people in the future.


The products and services of „Nasa kuca“ are produced through 5 different business programs: 1. Manual paper making – use of packaging waste for the production of paper for artists, decorative programs, printing, and packaging production; 2. Hydroponic garden – innovative digitized technology of growing vegetables, herbs, and salads on water and indoors, which provides excellent conditions for the growth of plants of uniform quality throughout the year. The production meets the needs of the kitchen of Our House, but also the needs of companies dealing with catering, restaurant catering, and professional kitchens; 3. Eco packaging – production of cardboard packaging for catering companies and others who need any type of packaging. The production of cardboard is connected with the production of packaging; 4. Kitchen on wheels – service of supplying subsidized meals for the oldest citizens of Belgrade. From the kitchen, it is possible to order catering and visit the local products store „Good Neighbors“; 5. Home-made products from the sweet assortment – Choco plum and Choco raspberry with basil, which can be ordered in bulk and in small quantities.


„Nasa kuca“ achieves social impact in several areas, with the main goal being work integration and training of young people with disabilities, along with responsible business in an ecological sense. Additionally, „Nasa kuca“ is characterized by a high degree of innovation in business and production, which makes this social enterprise a driver of change and innovator in the community.
U skladu sa kojim ciljevima održivog razvoja poslujemo: 1. No Poverty; 8. Decent Work and Economic Growth; 9. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure; 10. Reduced Inequalities; 12. Responsible Consumption and Production