Kulinarski institut Know-How


Kulinarski institut Know-how was created on the basis of a student professional section within which an informal group of young people wanted to start a social enterprise whose main goal is to combine catering entrepreneurship itself/employment of young people and tourism. After winning the prize at the SIA international competition in 2016, the Know-How Culinary Institute begins its development as a social enterprise. Even today, the Institute helps the development of the youth sector through participation in educational programs, employment and promotion of youth health in the community. The Institute functions as a network, so it is a free membership of caterers – individuals and caterers of business enterprises, which in various forms and in different ways help the development of the Institute and benefit from membership.


Kulinarski institut Know how provides the following services: 1. Mentoring and 1-on-1 counseling related to business, employment and professional growth and development in the field; 2. Catalog of occupations created as a form of support for individuals and partner organizations – training; 3. Catalog of workshops with workshops and trainings for your own and other organizations’ needs.


The social impact of the Kulinarski institut Know-How is realized by providing opportunities for employment of young people, as well as the support it provides in self-employment of young people through counseling, mentoring and career work in the field of tourism and hospitality, completely pro-bono. In addition, the services provided by Know-How are of an educational nature and in the value chain create an additional value of education about the importance of the position of young people and the health of young people in society.
U skladu sa kojim ciljevima održivog razvoja poslujemo: 4. Quality Education; 8. Decent Work and Economic Growth