We are launching the first blog about social entrepreneurship in Serbia

CoSED blog is a place for informing and learning about social entrepreneurship and solidarity economy in Serbia and the world. We promote a business model that cares for the community and contributes to answering to socio-economic and development challenges. In addition to educational posts, we broadcast first-hand Serbian social entrepreneurship success stories. The blog is divided into 2 categories: Learning about social entrepreneurship and Talking to social entrepreneurs. Read below what content you can expect on the CoSED blog, which will start as of June 1, 2020.

Pokrenuli smo blog sa idejom promocije koncepta socijalnog preduzetništva i solidarne ekonomije kao okvira za postizanje i održivog razvoja, ali i izgradnje solidarnog društva u Srbiji. Iako koncept nije nov, postoje dileme šta on podrazumeva i na koji način fukncioniše u praksi. Upravo je to razlog zašto želimo da odgovorimo na pitanja kao što su: Šta je socijalno preduzetništvo? Čime se bave socijalna preduzeća u Srbiji? Kakva je spona socijalnog preduzetništva i održivog razvoja? I slično.

Although not a new business model social entrepreneurship  is becoming a major trend for all those who see the meaning of their business in caring for people and the planet. The CoSED blog is a place where we learn about: What is social entrepreneurship? What are positive social impact and social mission in business? What social and economic problems do social enterprises deal with? How does this business model work in the existing market? How sustainable are social enterprises? What are the ways of financing social enterprises? What are social innovations and what are they for? What are the similarities and differences in the concepts of social entrepreneurship and socially responsible business? Why is social entrepreneurship considered a “business of the future”? What is needed for the development of social entrepreneurship? How can the state and the market contribute to its development? How can citizens help social enterprises to support community development more sustainably?


How many times have you heard of entrepreneurs that are “changing the world”? For people who started companies with a goal of creating a positive social impact and introducing changes that build a better future? Who are social entrepreneurs in Serbia? What is the business experience of these people? What were their motives? What challenges did they face on the way to developing their social enterprises? What products or services do social enterprises provide? How do social enterprises cope with economic and social crises? How do they function in a country that does not have a Law on Social Entrepreneurship? Do they do business in foreign markets and in what way? What does the community of social entrepreneurs look like? CoSED blog is a place where we will answer these and other questions with the first hand stories of social entrepreneurs!

The Coalition for the Solidarity Economy Development has launched the first blog on social entrepreneurship in Serbia within the project “Fostering the development of social and solidarity economy” in cooperation with the Heinrich Boell Stiftung – Belgrade Representative Office.

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