Continuously updated database of SEs in Serbia

The only register of social enterprises in Serbia. It is intended for public institutions, the private sector, researchers and the public. The presented data of social enterprises provide insight into the field and scope of their social and economic influence.

Most quality research products

We support advocacy activities with research products, insisting on fact-based decision-making processes. We produce an annual sector development report (ESEM report), policy studies, fact sheets, market studies, social impact reports, etc.).

Development, facilitation and leading advocacy processes

A successful advocacy process is based on facts and the direct participation of stakeholders. We provide and use tools that ensure transparency of the advocacy process, cooperation of all stakeholders and sustainability and adaptability of the proposed practical policy solutions.


For the full establishment of the practices of social and solidarity economy, capacity building of all actors in the ecosystem is crucial. We focus on public institutions, the civil sector and practitioners of the social and solidarity economy. We offer the development of guides, curricula and education on non-financial support programs, sustainable public procurement systems and more.

Dynamic public campaigns

Our campaigns reach all citizens. We adapt the messages to the audience. We innovate the approach. We communicate through examples, using a language that is clear to everyone. The messages are imbued with values and solidarity, diversity, openness, and togetherness.