Coalition for Solidarity Economy Development

- Our Services.

Action Research

Our research provides insight into specific challenges and potentials of the sector, actors, policies and practices in our clients’ focus. We provide advice that enables clients to make precise, data-driven decisions.
Our research is based on combined, standardized research methods. The mutual trust and strong connections with social economy actors, direct participation in policy development, and constant monitoring of European and world trends give extra quality to our products. We observe each research subject through different lenses: 1. historical/developmental; 2. contextual; 3. from the actor’s perspective. Organizations we collaborate and consult with, like EURICSE, the DIESIS network, and the Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory, are our global, European, and national partners.
We deliver the analyses in formats adapted to the research subject and our client’s needs (stakeholder maps, market analyses, policy studies and briefs, or social impact analyses).

Strategy and Campaign Design

We offer support services in every phase of the advocacy process:

a) tailor-made advocacy strategy design;
b) development and management of advocacy process (including media campaigning);
c) advocacy counselling;
d) evaluation and impact assessment of the advocacy processes.

Our approach is driven by the social economy values – advocacy goals must positively impact the environment, resources, and communities. Our products include advocacy strategies and action plans, communication strategies and accompanying plans, and evaluation and impact assessment reports.

Lectures and Trainings

We offer three types of education:

a) general training and lectures on social economy and social entrepreneurship;
b) specialized training for the development and implementation of the social public procurement system and implementation of the Law on Social Entrepreneurship, including the development of non-financial support for social enterprises;
c) training for companies on business cooperation with social enterprises, including developing a responsible public procurement system.

The approach we provide is adaptable to the clients’ needs:

1) We listen to the client’s needs, and then jointly define learning outcomes and choose appropriate methodological learning approaches;
2) We execute lectures, train, or mentor our clients in line with their capacities and resources. We use examples from our experience and real-life case studies to effectively transfer knowledge and develop clients’ skills. Our broad collaborators’ network allows us to organize study trips and/or include regional and EU lecturers.