IDC and ASB donation for Adult and Elderly Shelters in Serbia’s Fight against COVID-19

The shelter for adults and the elderly in Belgrade received today a modest donations from the IDC and ASB, in order to combat the COVID-19 pandemic in Serbia.

Based on the decision of the main office of Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund eV (ASB) in Cologne on the allocation of emergency funds as first aid in mitigating the causes and consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the expressed needs of institutions providing social services in Serbia, ASB office in Belgrade and IDC provided the Shelter with a refrigerator, freezer, bread slicer, ironing and disinfection roller, 5,000 pairs of gloves, 1,500 masks and 600 bottles of disinfectants.

Nevenka Nikić Simatković, Shelter Manager – “On behalf of the employees and users of the Shelter for Adults and the Elderly, we thank the ASB and the IDC for this significant help because no donation has been realized so quickly so far – which means a lot to us in the current situation.” With the obtained machines and disinfectants, we will succeed in additionally contributing to the improvement of general hygienic and sanitary conditions. In the current situation, our users are among the most endangered, since most of them do not have homes, and due to the prescribed measures, it is necessary for them to get off the streets and to provide them with the necessary protection.”

At the Shelter for Adults and the Elderly in Kumodraška Street, assistance and accommodation are currently provided for 111 people, while the accommodation capacities are for 104 people. Users are aged between 26 and 89. This institution is funded by the City of Belgrade and provides accommodation, food, health care, and support to users which they get from social workers and through the organization of various incentive programs. During the COVID-19 pandemic emergency situation hygienic and disinfection measures were intensified in the shelter and all emergency recommendations and regulations were respected.

More information can be found on the official website of the Initiative for  Development and Cooperation – IDC Serbia.