EVENT: Talks with social enterprises: Traditional and e-marketing

The crisis caused by the COVID-19 epidemic has accelerated transformations in traditional marketing as well as online marketing and forced many companies to adapt their business to the conditions of restricting the right to move. The main changes are reflected in reduced traditional advertising and promotion, creating marketing solely on consumer trust and service, increasing investment in online sales training and creating online sales platforms, as well as promotion that is agile and creative.

Following the Consultation with Social Enterprises – Framework for Sector Development and the Experience of the COVID-19 Crisis, the CoSED identified the development of traditional marketing and e-marketing strategy as, at the same time, the main challenges and opportunities for social enterprise development in Serbia. . In order to encourage opportunities for the development of social entrepreneurship in Serbia, Talks with social enterprises have been launched, within which examples of good practice will be presented and the exchange of experience and knowledge of various social enterprises will be enabled. This time, the topic of conversation with social enterprises will be the use of marketing potential in the further business of social enterprises.

Talks with social enterprises – traditional and e-marketing in social entrepreneurship will be held on Tuesday, September 22, 2020 at 11 am, via the ZOOM platform. During the conversation, Predrag Stošić will talk about the experience of the social enterprise Radanska Ruža in traditional marketing and online sales and Milica Čalija about the marketing experience of the social enterprise Anđeli, as well as e-marketing as a growing business trend, but also opportunities for social enterprises in Serbia.

We kindly ask those interested to register their attendance by sending an e-mail to info@solidarnaekonomija.rs by Monday, September 21 at 1 pm, in order to receive a link with access to the ZOOM platform.

Talks with social enterprises are organized within the project “FOSTERING THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE SOCIAL AND SOLIDARITY ECONOMY” which is implemented by the Coalition for the Solidarity Economy in cooperation with the Heinrich Boll Stiftung – Belgrade Representative Office.